June/July menu: DNA + culture

June/July menu:  DNA + culture

I have to say it: it was quite difficult to decide what to cook this month.

This year the warm season is really late, garden is not in full production and May’s bad weather didn’t help.

Our job is really unpredictable: something is not working as it should, and you end up being late with everything.

Anyway, here it is: a mix between DNA and culture. Passatelli are my DNA, Kukeler are the mountain culture that has adopted me almost 20 years ago. The inspiration for cooking something from Tuscany came from Alessia and Lucia: two amazing cooks from whom I have to learn a lot.

The menu will be served June and July because we will be closed from the 19th till the 30th of July.


 Palù/Palae kukeler , local cheeses and garden delights

Garden pesto passatelli 

Rice and chards soufflé with onion ragout 

Farm dessert


Tasting menu € 28,00

+Tasting menu includes: water, home made sourdough bread, coffee and our smile!
It is possible to order single dishes. In this case we’ll charge €2,00 on the total.

We are open on Friday and Saturday evening and on Sunday lunch time. For small groups we open on booking.

If you want to take our sourdough home with you, you can! Have a look here

If you want to overnight in our beautiful Valle dei Mocheni, we recommend to check out PIRLO en BERSNTOL  (Italian only, but they are all amazing familiar places to stay 😉

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