March menu

March menu

Last month I was presenting you February’s menu, praying for some winter and snow. Well, I have been satisfied. Outside we have finally a wintery atmosphere and landscape. We enjoy it, even if it came a bit late.

Snow is covering meadows, trees, roofs. It smoothens sounds. Changes colors and nuances. But it can not make us forget we are currently living hard times.

What is happening these days is telling us a lot about ourselves, about our society nowadays. It’s making us face how deeply interconnected we really are, as never before in human history. And in normal days, this is an awsome fact. ” No man is an island” has never been so clear to us. For good and for worse. But we are also facing our extreme frailty, the frailty of things we give for granted.

When all this will be over (and it will be, soon), let’s try not to forget. We are an almost 8 billions people community. What happens to each one of us affects all the others. It’s amazing, but a big responsability upon all of us comes with it.

At Mas del Saro we choose to look forward. We adapt to a strange daily routine, which reminds more then ever how life in mountain farms used to be: no school, not many distractions, a lot of work.

And to look forward with optimism and determination, I cannot but do what I am good at: come up with March menu! Definetly still a wintery menu (there is snow outside, anyway), with which I want you to feel comfortable and cosy.

We wait for you with open arms.


Our Polenta crostini with home made sour krauts and apple salad

Wintery lasagne

Goat cheese pie, onion ragout, roasted potatoes

Farm dessert


Tasting menu € 28,00

Tasting menu includes: water, home made sourdough bread, coffee and our smile!

It is possible to order single dishes. In this case we’ll charge €2,00 on the total.

We are open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening and on Sunday lunch time.

If you want to take our sourdough home with you, you can! Have a look HERE 

If you want to overnight in our beautiful Valle dei Mocheni, we recommend to check out HERE

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