Bread, wool, yarn and felt

Bread, wool, yarn and felt


When you reserve your table at Mas del Saro, you can order our bread to take home after dinner. We bake stricktly with sourdough, using italian organic or biodynamic flours and our garden ingredients. Bread is allowed long fermentation.

You can choose among the type of breads we serve at the table.


We have a real passion for sheeps and wool. Our small flock of woollies (Steinschaf and Bergschaf) gives us the wool we spin, felt, dye, knit.

We personally gently shear the sheeps, we wash, card, felt and spin by hand. We dye only with what we can find oround the farm.

“Seasonal” at Mas del Saro has a global meaning: not only food, but also wool working.

We are one of the founder members of “Bollait-Gente della lana”. It’s a local project, aiming to develop local wool. We gather shepherd’s wool that would otherwise be thrown away and we make pillows, quilts, yarn, fleece.