What if you would like to come to one of my sourdough workshops, but you cannot come in the set dates? Or if you’d like to dig in sourdough baking more deeply and hands-on? Or maybe you’d love to make a gift to someone you really care about, giving them the chance to make a new experience and learn something that will be with them all their lives?

I cannot think of anything better then the smell of fresh baked bread all over my home. It makes me think of family, cozy breakfasts, dinner with friends. And I cannot think of a better gift to bring to friends when visiting them: a loaf of fresh home baked bred, wrapped with a nice towel, still warm and crispy.

It’s time to light up the oven again, isn’t it? And it’s also time to join the big sourdough bakers family!

A small group of bred lovers around the big wooden farm table, the warmth of the stove (if needed) and a cup of herbal tea: this is my idea of  workshop at Mas del Saro. Outside the outstanding view of our mountains, woods and silence.

Together we’ll learn how to manage our liquid sourdough (much easier than you imagine), we’ll talk about flours, grains, doughs and baking methods.

Everything made simple and handy. Because what I care the most for, is that you can replicate at home what you learn at the farm.

Your personalized sourdough baking course can be organized on your schedule needs, booking at least one week in advance (and accordingly to the farm and restaurant schedule). The workshop is intended for small groups, max 6/8. We can provide transportation to the farm and back within Valle dei Mocheni.

Where: Agritur Mas del Saro, Mala, Valle dei Mocheni / Trentino

When: on reservation, from Monday to Saturday,  9am-12 am

Leanguage: English (and Italian, if requested)
Cost: 60,00 Euro per person min 2 people (course, a little course pack, bread tasting and welcome tea). The course can be held also for one single person: in this case the cost will be €80.