We have a real passion for wool. Our sheeps are of two local mountain breeds (Steinschaf and Bergschaf): they are manually sheered twice per year, and they give us wonderful golden brown and dark gray wool. We use their wool for felting and hand spinning.

 Wool is completely hand-sheered, -washed, -dried, -carded, -felted or -spun. We create unique items, where we always leave a piece of ourselves.

Not only our menus are seasonal: wool as well is. Unlike commercial products, our wool follows a long, complex, seasonal process, depending on what we find for dyieng and depending on the wool itself.



The white wool we dye comes from local sheeps. We collect it as part of the BOLLAIT project (a development project we are members and founders of).

We dye only with what we find around the farm or on our mountains. We believe that the “natural” part of  natural dyeing is also about avoiding the use of “foreign” dyeing agents.

Its a very slow practice, and the colour palette is quite limited. But I could not emphasize enough the magic of what nature creates every time we use our dyeing pot.

We really believe and act respecting a “slow textile” philosophy.


Hand spinning is a big passion of ours. It requires time, concentration and manual skills. At the momenti it’s Viola and Vea that spin at the farm, but we hope to involve Sole soon as well….

Our handspun yarn is available in our tiny farm shop, inside the farm to table area.

We also spun your wool to order (sheep, alpaca, lama, cashmere…) in different gauges. The look of our handspun yarn, however, is always quite rustic.



In our tiny shop at the farm, you can also find lovely items that are hand made from dear, talented friends of ours.

100%wool and alpaca beanies, mittens, head bands made with our local wool…

Production is small, everything is han made, so if you have specific requests, just ask: we’ll see what we can do.