Vea, Renzo, Pietro, Viola and Sole welcome you at Mas del Saro, a tiny farm restaurant nestled in Valle dei Mocheni, in the Italian Alps. Here they offer a simple, fine, slow and local cooking. Mas del Saro is a real mountain farm, a so called maso. As in the past, we grow a little bit of many different things, in order to get the most from what mountains and nature donate to those who respect them. 

5000 sm of veggies, herbs, potatoes, grains, fruit trees, bees, hens, sheeps

Mas del saro was a stable and barn, built as we see it today back in 1877. Our goal is to bring this place back to what it was supposed to be in our tradition: a mountain maso, with animals and cultivation that were meant to sustain the family that lived in it.  The maso was a self sufficient organism, where animals, land and people lived in balance and harmony. That is what we aim for our farm to be, and we work hard to get there. 

We farm 5000 sm of veggies, grains, potatoes, wild berries, fruit and herbs. We breed Bergschaf sheeps that give us wool for our yarn. We have hens for fresh daily eggs and bees for honey and wax. We do not use any chemical in our fields and with our animals and we try to make choices that fully respect their ethology and the land we are all living on.

vea mas del saro


farmer-cook with constantly flouered hands.  She has a great passion for wool and photography. You find her in the kitchen, but after dessert she is more than happy to get to the dining room for a chat.


 The Bauer of the farm. He splits his time between farming, woodworking and restaurant service (with a special consideration for the wine cellar). When he has a bit of spare time (rarely) he escapes in the high mountains


A natural born actor, with an endless passion for theater. He welcomes you at the restaurant with an open heart and smile. He escapes with his father to the mountains, when mommy is not looking.

vea mas del saro


She is the craftswoman of the farm, loving wood working, wool, sewing, yarns. She is incredibly creative with her hands. When in restaurant service she is very precise and a bit of a control freak…


Our little one. She is always sweet and smiling and very empathetic. So far she’s helping mom in the kitchen, bit she is craving to start working in the service as her sibilings.



Sheperding humans rather then sheeps, she is Renzo’s shadow: she is constantly at his side. We cannot even immagine our family without her.

farm blog mas del saro

In our blog we tell a bit of our daily life up here: it’s a journal from the Alps and we hope it’ll make you really want to come and visit us in person!

How we are doing these days

How we are doing these days

that everything is fine or it’s going to be. I am not ashamed to say that I am overwhelmed by this situation. No need to explain too much, right?But one light is shining in this darkness. It’s the quality and quantity time I am spending with them. Yesterday I went...

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Me and the egg pasta

Me and the egg pasta

assure you: it’s not that being Italian means that you can automatically make good egg pasta. For me, it wasn’t a love story. It took me quite a while to get the fresh egg pasta I wanted. As most of “easy” recipes, it will almost never completely fail, but at the same...

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