My little veggie garden in the Alps has grown to a mountain farm, a so called maso hosting chickens, sheeps, bees, fields and meadows. Everything is small scale, but it’s enough to nurture our family and our farm restaurant guests…

- Vea -


 Mas del Saro is a real maso, a tiny farm restaurant where we serve what our land offers.  Tradition is what drives us: we cook what we grow in this secluded spot in the Italian Alps, respecting the nature that surrounds us.

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our food

Eating at our restaurant will be like eating with our family. The menu changes on a monthly base, in order to offer what is in season at the farm. You will enjoy our cooking in a wood smelling little dining room, surrounded by silent and magical mountains and woods outside.

our menu


Our workshops smell of fresh baked sourdough bread, natural pure wool, mountain kitchen, few and kind people that love to learn old (and yet new) skills. The guiding thread is that of ancient techniques, natural raw materials, slow process.

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The book

Sourdough is a fermenting mixture of flour and water. The most simple thing that for Vea meant the beginning of a new, slower and sustainable life. That’s why Vea decided to write a book about sourdough, with all her favorite family recipes.

Valle dei Mocheni

If you really want to get to know our wonderful Valle dei Mocheni/Mocheni Valley, you should definetly hang out with people that live here. A true, full immersion experience awaits for you.

Farm blog

This is our mountain diary. Photographs, tales, videos tell a story that we hope will never go lost, a heritage that one day will be our kids to inherit. And it’s a way to make you feel closer to us, even when you are far away.

You should know that:

      • Due to the pandemic restrictions we are open on Saturday and Sunday lunch
      • Parking place is small. If you are a group, please optimize car seats, if possible. The farm was built back in 19th century: no cars at that time. If you want to fully enjoy your experience, you can walk up here along the marked path.
      • Well behaved dogs are welcome.
      • Monday is our Ruhetag, the day we rest and stay in silence.
        We won’t answer calls, emails or whatsapp.
        We will get back to you from Tuesday to Sunday. I am sure you understand and agree.

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