eating at our restaurant will be like eating with our family

The menu changes on a monthly base, in order to offer what is in season here at the farm.  You will enjoy our cooking in a wood smelling little dining room, surrounded by silent and magical mountains and woods outside.

We mostly buy non-self-producted ingredients at neighbouring farms. 

Everything we bring at your table is completely hand made: sourdough bread made with organic flours (we are famous for it), pasta, desserts, all kind of doughs are stricktly hand made.

Our wine list is short but very accurate

Renzo goes personally to buy wine in local wineries we have chosen. They are all local wine makers and farmers, mostly organic and biodynamical. 

We love to be consantly in touch with our wine farmers: there is nothing more rewarding than drinking a glass of wine with the person who actually made that wine.

Our menù


Welcome bite | kukeler high mountain butter 

Spiced pumpkin mini pie| cheese foundue | bread crumbs and garlic

potatoe warm espuma | oreganon craker| cruncy bacon

onion bread bowl

Fermented herbs drink

Winter salad: celery sous vide and grilled, purple kale sauce, grilled apple and kiwi, marinated purple kale, thyme mayo, juniper oil

Maso dessert



Including: water, sourdough home made bread, coffee…and our smile!

    • Our menu is a single 5 courses tasting menu. We warmly suggest to taste it complete.
    • Should you prefer to order single courses, we will charge €2,00 per person on the total.
    • Our bread basket is made of 3/4 different types of breads (organic flour + sourdough). The first basket is included in our menu. We will charge €2 for every further bread basket you may ask for.
    • Please inform us of any allergy at least 2 days prior your reservation, in order to allow us to replace ingredients and let you have a pleasant and full experience.
    • We are settled in the wonderful Valle dei Mocheni/Mocheni Valley. If you wish to overnight, here you can find some suggestions.

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