Our May menu and some reopening news

Here we are again. Too many times this last year we have been talking about “reopening”. I do really hope this is the last time for a while (and that the next “reopening” will be just after our vacations).

We open with a brand new spring menu. I am very proud of it: even though spring is so poor of ingredients, I managed to offer an almost 100% homegrown menu (wild herbs, potatoes, eggs, corn, onions, lamb, rhubarb…). This is the deepest meaning of our job: to show you how a small mountain homestead can be so rich and bio-diverse. That’s why you’ll find meat now and then in our menus. It will be only our farm meat. It won’t be a lot or very often : it will be just what is fair and right for our farm. We will not push on that, as we don’t push on anything. Sometimes it will be our farmer pals meat: in any case, we guarantee that it will be meat from animal raised outside, near by and respectful of all their ethological needs.

“Balance” is what guide us daily, and “balance” is what we will offer you.

If you want to check on our new menu, have a look HERE.

See you soon at Mas del Saro, my friends.

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